Shopping with Cooshy

Welcome to Cooshy - Your Guide to Shopping with Us!

Step into the World of Cooshy: At Cooshy, we blend luxury with sustainability, offering you a beautiful range of curtains, cushions, and Roman blinds, all sustainably made right here in the UK. Whether you're drawn to our 100% linen classics, enamored with our 100% recycled eco velvets, or you're here for our plush cushions and sleek Roman blinds, we're here to make your shopping experience as delightful as our products.

Measuring Up:

  • For Curtains and Blinds:
    • Use a metal tape measure for accuracy.
    • Measure the width of the pole or track, not the window.
    • For the drop, decide on your length style (sill, below sill, or floor length) and measure accordingly.
    • Don't forget to consider the curtain heading type as it might affect your measurements.
  • Key Tips:
    • Measure twice! Accuracy is key for the perfect fit.
    • Consider any obstructions like handles or radiators.

Choosing the Perfect Fabric:

  • Feel and Function: Consider the texture and drape of different fabrics. Linens offer a light and breezy feel, while velvets provide a touch of luxury and depth.
  • Color Your World: Choose colors that complement your space. Neutrals for a subtle look, or bold shades for a statement.
  • Eco-Friendly Elegance: All our fabrics are sustainably made, so whatever you choose, you're making a responsible choice.

Placing Your Order:

  • Online: Browse our collection and select your favorites. With our detailed product descriptions and images, you'll feel like you're shopping in person!
  • Made to Measure: Need a specific size? No problem! Email us at for our made-to-measure service. We're here to tailor your curtains to your exact specifications.

Why Cooshy? We believe in beauty, quality, and responsibility. Each piece is a testament to sustainable luxury, designed to make your home a haven of style and comfort. So, shop with confidence, and let Cooshy curtains cascade elegance and eco-consciousness into your life!

Happy Shopping!

-The Cooshy Team

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