The Compassionate Fabric of Our Home: Cooshy's Vegan and Eco Commitment

Welcome to the Cooshy community, where every thread weaves together the story of style, sustainability, and kindness. At, our ethos is simple yet profound: to deliver home decor that not only beautifies your space but also honors the planet and its inhabitants.

Vegan-Friendly, From Our Home to Yours

Every product in our catalogue shares a promise – a promise of being 100% vegan-friendly. We believe that a compassionate lifestyle begins at home, and through our range of decor, we extend this belief to you, our valued customers. Our commitment means that no animal products find their way into your homes via our fabrics. Instead, we offer peace of mind and the soft touch of kindness with every item.

Sustainability Sewn into Every Fiber

Our passion for the Earth is reflected in our fabric choices. We meticulously select materials that align with our vision of a greener future. Every fabric is either 100% natural and sustainable or 100% recycled, ensuring we tread lightly on the planet. Whether it's the breezy whisper of linen curtains or the sumptuous touch of recycled velvet, our products are a testament to eco-friendly opulence.

Natural, Recycled, Remarkable

We stand proud in our use of natural and recycled materials. Our linens, ethereal and enduring, are sourced from sustainable plants that require minimal water and no pesticides. And when we say recycled, we mean it – every piece of polyester has had a past life, now reborn into a fabric that's as chic as it is conscientious.


Join Our Fabric Revolution

We invite you to drape your homes in the fabrics of the future – chic, sustainable, and compassionate. With Cooshy, you're not just decorating; you're taking a stand for what's right. Explore our collection, feel the difference, and let's create a kinder, greener world together.

With warmth and respect, The Cooshy Team

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