Collection: 100% Linen Curtains

Crafted to perfection in the UK, our linen curtains are available in an exquisite palette ranging from pristine whites and versatile neutrals to rich earth tones and vibrant pops of color. And because we understand that luxury is in the details, we offer made-to-measure services alongside our standard sizes, ensuring your curtains are tailored to the exact length you desire. 

At Cooshy we have 4 different ranges of 100% Linen fabrics to suit different aesthetics and interior styles; 

House Linen Our largest choice of classic and contemporary linens available in a wide range of plains, checks and stripes. 

Satin Linen An innovative satin soft linen with a luxurious handle 

Country Linen A charming and rustic range for a simple and minimalistic style

Linen Softie A beautifully rich and buttery soft linen available in a selection of charismatic colours

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