Collection: Eco Velvet Roman Blinds

Elevate your interiors with the sumptuous touch of Cooshy's Eco Velvet Roman Blinds, a collection that combines indulgent aesthetics with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Our selection boasts an impressive array of 26 shades, ensuring the perfect colour to complement any room in your home. From deep, moody hues to vibrant, eye-catching tones, each blind is a masterpiece of style and eco-conscious design, crafted from 100% recycled velvet.

Create a cohesive look throughout your space with the option to coordinate with matching curtains and cushions from our Eco Velvet collection. The luxurious texture and rich colours of our velvet will transform your windows into a focal point of sophistication and warmth. Plus, with our made-to-measure service, you can customise your blinds to any size, ensuring a flawless fit and finish.

At Cooshy, we believe in making luxury accessible while protecting our planet. Dive into our Eco Velvet Roman Blinds and discover the beauty of sustainable living without sacrificing style. Whether you're revamping a single room or reimagining your entire home, our collection is designed to inspire and delight. Choose Cooshy, and let your windows tell a story of elegance, comfort, and responsibility.

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