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Autumn Red Recycled Boucle Cushion by Cooshy

Autumn Red Recycled Boucle Cushion by Cooshy

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The perfect cosy colour for the Autumn-Winter season. This tactile boucle fabric with it's unique texture in Autumn Red will instantly give you a cosy snuggly feeling when you get it home.

The satisfyingly chunky piping, elegant zip free opening and bold eco-credentials set the Cooshy cushion apart from the rest. Two sizes are available; Regular - 45cms, and Cooshy XL at 55cm. 

The Autumn Red boucle (pronounced Boo-Clay) fabric enjoys cost nights in with the Robin Red velvet Cooshy cushion, and also Truffle taupe boucle.

Each Cooshy cushion comes with a 100% recycled eco friendly cushion filler, made from recycled plastic bottles and ocean plastic. Our cushion fillers are also 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free. When you look at your Cooshy cushions in your home, you can enjoy them even more knowing each one has played it's little part in helping our environment. When your Cooshy order arrives, it will be wrapped up snuggly in 100% plastic free and compostable packaging. 

If you love the Cooshy cushion, why not have a look at our curtains and blinds? All cushion fabrics are available for your windows too! 

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